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Elementor Page Builder - A comprehensive review 2020

Elementor Page Builder - ElementsZone.com

Numerous free and premium WordPress themes offer multiple layout options for different types of pages. Though, occasionally none of these layouts meet your needs.

If you have mastered HTML, PHP, and CSS code, you can design your sub-theme or even build page templates for your website. Though, the majority of WordPress users are not coders. Thus, this option doesn't work for such WordPress users.


Wouldn't it be eminent if you could simply drag and drop page layouts?

Page Builders are practical tools for quickly creating high-quality websites, both for WordPress beginners and professional developers. Unfortunately, they can also get a little expensive if you want to access their most useful features.

This is exactly what the “Element Page builder” does. It is a drag-and-drop plugin for designing WordPress pages, making it easy to design your WordPress layout without any programming knowledge.

It has an in-built user interface that allows you to create custom designs with a live preview. It contains many ready-to-use modules for all types of web design components.

You can instantly load a large number of professional design templates and use them as a starting point. It works on all standard WordPress themes and is compatible with all common WordPress plugins.

You can easily create websites with more than 30 drag-and-drop widgets and get even more useful tools by upgrading to the Pro version.

Since its launch in 2016, it has quickly become one of the leading WordPress page building plugins that WordPress.org says are active on over 2 million WordPress websites.

Are you pondering using the Elementor Page Builder on your website? In our practical test, I’ll give you a detailed overview and will tell whether it is suitable for you.

From an elementary level, it can help you create stylized custom content without any unique technical experience or knowledge.

Instead of using HTML, PHP, and CSS to deploy a WordPress website, you can upload widgets in the live preview of the site and create content this way.

Regardless of whether you've never created any website before or have any HTML / CSS knowledge or experience, this visual drag and drop style offers a faster and easier way to design a custom WordPress website.



Free & Pro Versions of Elementor Page Builder

It is available in two different versions:

• First one is a free version available free at WordPress.org
• The second one is the Pro version, a paid version available on elementor.com

However, they are not different tools.

Somewhat, the free version adds all the basic functionalities. The Pro version is a paid version and is an add-on that provides new features for the free basic version.

So, you can start with the free version, and then at any time, you can easily upgrade to the Pro version. You can upgrade without removing the free plugin, and you won't lose any of your work during this changeover.



Elementor Page Builder Pro – Functionality and Cost:

The Elementor Page Builder Pro charge $49 per year on one website. For three sites, it charges $99 per year and $199 per year on unlimited websites.

First, there are many new “widgets” that can be used to design content. For example, you can use the Pro version to create all kinds of forms on your website, insert sliders, and add login forms.

In addition to these new widgets, new styling options are also available, such as you can add custom CSS directly to specific widgets and facility to use extra animations.



The Theme Builder

Elementor Page Builder Pro's theme builder feature allows you to design your whole WordPress website using its amazing interface, including headers, footers, and blog pages. Using this feature, you can replace the theme and use it to control everything on your website.


Elementor Page Builder Pro Comparison with other WordPress Page Builders:

Elementor Page Builder vs Divi

If you are researching a WordPress page builder, you may be aware of the name Divi.

Elementor Page Builder is an Excellent page builder, and I believe it is a better option than Divi. Here I am mentioning some main reasons:

  • It provides more features. For example, Divi doesn't have both theming and pop-up features, while Elementor  Pro version has both.
  • It comes with a free version, while Divi has a premium version for only $89.
Elementor Page Builder vs Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another popular page builder plugin.

Like Divi Builder, Beaver Builder is another quality page builder option. Still, the relationship between Elementor Page Builder and Beaver Builder makes Elementor Page Builder a better choice for most users.

  • It has a more generous free version. The free version of Beaver Builder is quite limited.
  • It offers more features at a lower starting price. For example, Beaver Builder does not have a pop-up function, and there is an additional charge for the theme building function.

Things that I Like in Elementor page builder:

Let's start with the things I like in Elementor Page Builder:

No shortcode. Shout with me, Shout from the rooftop.

If you decide not to use this plugin, clean code is left in the WordPress editor. There is no short-code lock-in like you would with a page builder.

But I don't want to show that running away from the Elementor Page Builder is the good part. There are also:

  • Hard element list, even in the free version.
  • Excellent front-end visual editor.
  • Complete control of the style and position of each element.
  • Massive layouts created in both Free & Pro versions.
  • Ability to design a dedicated landing page.
  • And much more.

A Nippy Look at Elementor Page Builder interface:

Now that you understand what Elementor Page Builder is, let's practice it a bit more. A brief introduction to the interface, available for free from the developers at elementor.com

Yes – all of this first section is available in the free version. The next section will show you how to use the features of the Pro version.

Okay, let's dive into this amazing plugin. Once installed and activated, all posts and pages will show this useful new button.



Elementor Page Builder Edit Post - ElementsZone.com

Just click to start editing and it will appear in the interface.



Elementor Page Builder Elements - ElementsZone.com


I mentioned earlier, Elementor Page Builder is a front end visual builder. Hence, while building the page, the end product will look exactly the same.

To start, you can simply use a prebuilt template or can create a page from scratch. Here we will go with the premade template to start designing our website.



Getting Started with Premade Templates

Elementor Page Builder also includes its own pre-built templates. You don't always have to start with a blank canvas, you can start with one of the pre-made templates.

  • Blocks – Blocks for individual sections of the page. It can compile them like a Lego to create a whole page or use blocks anywhere.
  • Pages – These are templates for the entire page.

Elementor Page Builder Templates - ElementsZone.com


Templates are a good choice because they reduce our need to design page layouts. In this case, you are free to concentrate on the page content.


Preview designs on various devices

Well, from now on, I will show it at the end. As we are living in a gradually mobile-centric area, your page designs must look good on both mobile and desktop. That makes sense!

To make sure that your design is responsive, use the Elementor Page Builder to preview how the web page will look clearly.

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop


Just click the button in the lower-left area, and a live preview will appear in the the right side.


Elementor Page Builder Elements - ElementsZone.com


This is a handy and excellent feature.

In addition to Form widgets, the Pro version comes with more than 20 new widgets that you can use in your designs.

Not all widgets, but some of the most notable widgets are:

  • Slide-slider can be created. It has enough features to eliminate the need for a standalone WordPress slider plugin.
  • Posts-View the latest blog posts (or other custom post types) in several different layouts. You can also use filters, for example, to include only posts from specific categories or tags.
  • Login – Add a WordPress login form to any design.
  • Price Book – Helps you create a great looking pricing page.

Popups, Theme Builder, New Widgets:

With Elementor Page Builder Pro, you can use the same interface from an elementary level, and you also have access to many new methods to apply interface.

Most significant two new features to discuss:

  • Pop-up builder -Create different types of pop-ups with trigger and targeting and rules.
  • Theme Builder – Use it to build an entire theme, including headers, footers, blog pages, WooCommerce shops, and more.

There are also many new widgets available. The most prominent new widgets are form widgets that can be used to create email opt-in form, contact forms, and much more. Some slider widgets do not require the use of an individual slider plug-in.

Finally, there are other benefits, such as the facility of adding custom CSS straight to individual columns, widgets, or sections and the global widget features to save time.

Let's start with two new themes and a popup builder.



The Theme Builder:

It is straightforward on the basic level. However, the possibilities for opening it are compelling.

You can apply same Elementor Page Builder interface I’ve shown above to the whole theme, including:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Blog Singles
  • Blog Archive
  • Your custom post types

If you run a WooCommerce store, you can also use the Elementor Page Builder to build a WooCommerce shopping store and archive your pages.

The free version allows you to design only the content of the pages and posts. Therefore, the theme builder ultimately “unlocks” Elementor for use elsewhere.

In theory, this finally eliminates the necessity to use WordPress themes to control the look of your website. Still, because of the performance benefits and global style, you can choose a lightweight theme such as GeneratePress or Astra. It is recommended.



The mechanism is as follows:

First, select the template type to create. Templates can be any part of a theme, such as headers and footers. For example, suppose you choose Single, you can select the type of post to design.

From here, you can choose one of the pre-created templates in the Elementor Page Builder or close template library and create your own template from scratch. You can see it offers many templates for single web post design.

Next, to build the design, it provides new widgets specific to a template you are creating. E.g., If you are designing a single blog, you can get the following widgets:

  • Article title
  • Author box
  • Post content
  • Featured images

All these widgets get their information dynamically from WordPress posts. E.g., Post Title widget gets its data from the Title field of a regular WordPress editor.

When finished, click Publish and choose where to use the template. This is another powerful feature because different templates can be used in different areas of the website.

The most straightforward approach is to use the same template throughout the website. However, if you want, you can create unique templates that are used only for specific categories of posts.


Elementor Page Builder Theme Builder - ElementsZone.com


In my view, this single feature justifies the price of the Elementor Page Builder Pro. However, there are some other useful features!


The Popup Builder

At the time of writing this review, the Popup Builder feature is the latest add-on to this plugin. Not only is it fantastic, but the addition of these useful new features is also a great indication that the Elementor team is working on continuous improvements to Elementor Page Builder Pro.


The included Popup Builder is very similar to the theme builder we saw above!

Specific for popups and can be used for the following designs:

  • Notification bar
  • Modal popup
  • Slide-in

Also, since you can use any widget in the popup, there is great flexibility in what you create. You can:

  • Add pop-up login / registration function
  • Create pop-up forms such as email opt-in forms and contact forms
  • Promote the offer with a generic CTA
  • Insert countdown timer
  • Add age restrictions
  • Other-where you can be creative

As such, it can actually be used to replace most opt-in/popup tools. The only area that needs improvement is adding some kind of analysis. At the moment it's difficult to know what's going on in the popup.

Like theme builder, launch popup builder, and you will see a list of over 100 ready-made templates.



New Widgets in Elementor Page Builder Pro

Furthermore, to theme builder certain widgets, the Pro version adds over 20 plus new universal widgets that can be used in your own designs.

I won't cover every new widget, but I want to highlight some of the most useful options.

The most powerful of the latest widget is the sliding widget. This eliminates the need for a separate slider plug-in.

Other useful widgets are:

  • Countdown – Create an evergreen countdown timer for each visitor
  • Price lists and price-lists
  • Posts and Portfolios-Dynamically display blog posts or custom post types
  • Log in

In addition to the sliding widget, another useful addition is the form widget. At a basic level, this widget allows you to create custom forms for various field types.



Elementor Page Builder Edit Form - ElementsZone.com


However, what makes the widget more powerful is the Post Action option.

Using these options, you can:

  • Add users directly to your preferred email marketing services
  • Automatically sends notification email after form submission
  • Automatically sends messages with Discord or Slack
  • Connect with Zapier and integrate with all apps there

Other New Functionalities

Let's take a quick look at other useful features.

First, get the option to save the widget as a global widget. Global widgets are useful when you have a widget you want to reuse in multiple places on your website.

With global widgets, if you need to change the widget in the future, you can update it once and automatically push those changes to all instances of the global widget.

Beyond that, you can also add custom CSS straight to columns, widgets, or sections. This is much faster than using a custom CSS class or ID.


Elementor Page Builder Cstom CSS - ElementsZone.com


My conclusions on the Elementor Page Builder

Choosing the right page builder for your website is not an easy task. There are several high-quality options. The popularity of Elementor Page Builder has continued to grow, and the team behind it continues to release new features all the time.

Based solely on today's features, it is already one of the best WordPress page builders. The Elementor Page Builder team is also committed to maintaining and enhancing this plugin, and we believe that it will be even better in the future.

So, if you are looking at an easy way to build your WordPress site, this might be the right choice for you.

You can get a good idea of its features from the free version. Next, if you like its look, consider upgrading to Elementor Page Builder Pro to access many more useful and new features.


After installing the plugin and choosing a hosting plan, you can create custom pages in just three steps.

  • Launch the Elementor page builder from the page editor.
  • Drag and drop widgets to create pages.
  • Publish the page from inside the editor.

You can always download the Free or Pro version here.


Good Luck!

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