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Essential Addons for Elementor Review: Drag ‘n’ Drop Evolved

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Drag ‘n’ Drop has been a very popular concept in recent years. Although it did gain a lot of popularity, success was always a debatable topic. With the introduction of the current leading Content Management System platform – WordPress, we’ve also seen a lot of plugins that enable extra functionality.

The key one being Elementor here. Not only does it offer a lot of extensions and functionality, but the whole experience is also just like playing with markers and paper, intuitive and easy to use. It does not pack all the modules you could need, which is to be expected, but there is some room for upgradability.



Yes, there is a Pro version around, but even though it provides a lot of extensions, not all the stuff many of us want is present. Arguably, you could create your modules using plain HTML and CSS, but if there’s a better way around, why bother? Well, even plugins could incorporate different plugins.

One of these is called Essential Add-ons for Elementor. But how does it compare?


Essential Addons – What It Provides

I could say that Essential Addons provide some additional functionality, but that would be completely inaccurate, and that’s not what you’ve come for. Numerous different modules are available, and of course, all of them are completely customizable as well. It could be that you wish to resize them, change the color scheme, or perhaps just change what text says.

If you are an advanced user, you would want to check out all the coding customizability Essential Addons has to offer. Pricing tables, lightboxes, Instagram feed, and form stylers are only some of the blocks available for you to build your website. And if it still doesn’t sound impressive, there are more than a hundred of them!

An interesting thing, though that catches many users’ attention is the number of “clones” of the regular modules. This is not entirely incorrect but is also just partially true. Essential Addons is one of those plugins that just take an already existing module and take to a completely different level. This adds more customizability options as well as more functionality to them.


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Essential Addons is suitable for different skill levels too! By using a tabbed interface, you get a choice between some of the simple as well as the more advanced ones. Sample templates are a feature that stands out. In case you are unsure what each setting does, the sample template provides a safe and secure way which on top of everything packs a slick look.

It’s not all that bright either. Lacking compatibility with WPML may be the most crucial downside of the tool. Not many websites use multiple languages, but there are still plenty of them around. Although not a deal-breaker, this is a disadvantage worth pointing out.



Splitting all the widgets into different categories is always a plus when it comes to looking up the needed ones. Essential Addons fit this perfectly, containing categories such as Content, Creative, Marketing, Dynamic, Form Styler, Social, and Extensions.


Pricing, Reliability, Performance

Flexible pricing is another upside it offers. Just like with almost every other plugin, this one is freemium. This means there are both free and premium versions available. Surprisingly enough, the free version packs a lot of features that aren’t even found in the premium version of Elementor. With just under thirty widgets available, it is a must-have. Even if you don’t need them at the moment, having it around may come handy at times.


Essential Addons Free Widgets -


Essential Addons Premium version, on the other hand, includes almost four times as many widgets. But… I do not find all of them useful in particular. Depending on how many websites you want to run, there’s a choice between two main plans, the single and the unlimited plan. These are annual. Paying 75% of the original price each time you decide to renew it is yet another deal they offer.


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Essential Addons powering more than two thousand websites, it is quite obvious how reliable it is. You will see some decreases in performance, which is to be expected. But these are only minor ones. There’s room for some additional performance around. The most obvious way to fix this would be disabling the modules you don’t use on your website.

The support center is an essential factor when choosing tools that will run your website, especially when paying for them. Luckily, there were no issues with this one. Professional and friendly staff were available for all of my questions and answers came in pretty quickly too! In case you are unsatisfied with the service and features you got, there is a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.



Is It Worth It?

With an enormous range of widgets, great price, and support center, it should be a no brainer purchase Essential Addons for anyone using Elementor to build their websites. Having almost no impact on performance, being highly customizable and useful are only some of the attributes of this tool. No, it does not support multiple languages, at least at the moment. Fortunately, there are some workarounds for this if you are willing to do some raw coding by yourself.


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Powering thousands of successful business sure isn’t a coincidence. An overwhelming community makes the whole experience better and probably makes this tool close to perfection. It is not perfect. But essential building blocks are present, just what you’d need to get your website up and running. In the world where professional tools are either too expensive or limited in other ways, providing a cheap and high-quality extension is a fresh change. I hope it will stay like that.

You can check out and download Essential Addons here.



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