Happy Addons Review – Is it really as powerful as they say?

Happy Addons includes many amazing and powerful elementor widgets to create beautiful websites

Happy Addons

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WordPress is mighty due to its flexibility, features, and easily customizable methods. Recently, it has become even more powerful with the Elementor plugin. This is a page builder plugin that allows you to get many free best elements or add-ons and make your website more powerful in the sense of element-based customization.

With Elementor and its best free add-ons, you can create any website, from blogs to e-commerce, business, and portfolio websites. In addition, you can create news, photos, music, members, travel, and any niche-based website.

Also, regular users of Elementor are fully aware that different kinds of Elementor add-ons are available. Among the crowd of numerous general Elementor add-ons already existing on WordPress, Happy Addons pledges to be distinctive and different within the Elementor consumer base. And, at a much earlier stage of our journey to introduce ourselves as Elementor Addons, the track is challenging but encouraging.

Most other Elementor allowances package all the prevalent widgets in the pro version of the add-on, while Happy Add-ons believes that they will offer consumers most of it for free. See the list of free happy add-ons widgets and become a fan instantly.


Happy Addons free elemental widgets

Let's have a view and learn more about Happy Add-ons' unique free Elementor widget.


Info box

This box widget is useful for displaying icons and related information in boxes on web pages. Drag and drop this widget to highlight a product or feature description. Present all sorts of information in this box widget and change colors, fonts, and sizes, as well as use some built-in positioning options to make it look smart and elegant.



This widget is useful when users need to display objects on a web page in card format. Easily add card-type widgets and modify them with image icons that change, size, color, font, and more. Besides, you can modify the icon with a border outline that includes different background colors for each widget.



Icons can also be displayed in dark mode with a droplet shadow form and a white spherical background. Certainly, useful widgets that have to make your web page look good.


Icon box

This widget determines to allow users to display web page icons in an extra attractive way. This widget has many exciting icon settings for web pages. Its unique features include assisting different content colors on borderless backgrounds. Design your icons with the highest quality customization options of the multicolor badge. Please enjoy the exclusivity of the icon with the gradient of the background shade.



Use a background image or make the background color look transparent. Separate the icons or titles in the widget toolbox with a horizontal line. Make your web pages more eye-catching than ever with all these awesome icon box widget options.


Review: Elemental Add-on Top

Use this widget to highlight reviews, recommendations, and feedback from customers or visitors to a product or service on a web page. This widget is handy if you run a business or want to show client reviews, feedback, and ratings. Easily customize and present reviews related to any product or service with numerical evaluations of multiple background colors. Not to comment that reviewer images can easily be added to all reviews.



Image comparison

This widget is useful if you want to compare an image with its predecessor and later versions. If you need to show your artwork in an image, here are the widgets that will organize it for ultimate perfection. Gets the comparison image to display with vertical or horizontal slide options.



Simply swipe up and down or swipe left and right on the customizable handler to sight the previous and next versions of an image. A very thrilling widget to have if you are undertaking a photo or editing job.


Skill bar

Very useful to show the user's progress level and skills through percentages or other useful bars in web pages. A web page building block that allows anyone to emphasize progressive information using several customization tools. Use the shape changer to resize each progress bar to make it slim or expand quickly.



Displays the heading within each bar and uses its color change options to display the progress bar in single or multiple colors. Highly interactive widget for building an armory on your website


Gradient heading

Use it for customization and add some color combinations to the headings of your web pages to make them look colorful and eye-catching. With this widget, users can create attractive captions for websites and provide the choice to apply different color gradient settings. You can change the spacing, style, color combination, position, and opacity applied to headings.




Also, you can customize web page titles with vertical, horizontal, and radial gradient effects. With the help of this widget, you can be sure to find an excessive way to describe your site's tagline and title.


Team members

This widget supports presentations that introduce your corporation or organization's staff or team fellows on your website in the most specialized and formal way likely. Drag and drop widgets to add boxes to your web page to display team members structurally. Add and modify employee images, write or present detailed and/or short descriptions, and introduce them to the box with some amazing changeable styles, backgrounds, and colors.


Number widget

Generate decorative numeral blocks with the help of this widget to add to your web page. It is primarily useful for showing a specific step or number in a case on a website. Displaying accurate information or using a number to show some steps on a website is a common demonstration these days. There is a numeral widget to boost this demo of toting numbers to web pages. Quickly add a variability of customizable tinted boxes with numbers.



Logo grid

Widgets allow users to introduce a company or product logo that displays those substances in a fashionable pattern on a web page. Highlight the produce or syndicate logo on single or multiple lines with colorful animations of the images in the box. Display thumbnails in several attractive customizable dimensions.



Flip box

A handy widget to simultaneously create and display objects containing messages with many exciting flip effects on your website. When placing the cursor over the box, the item automatically flips, and the input message or option appears immediately. You can also use reverse effects to highlight objects with descriptions or to announce team fellows to your bio.




This is a very effective integration when you need to schedule a meeting or set a reminder for a conference on your website. With the integration of the calendar application with Happy Addons, users can undoubtedly set up meetings without having to exchange emails. Drag and drop this widget, then copy and paste the usernames collected from your Calendly personal account, and your private meeting schedule calendar is instantly loaded into the web builder.



When the calendar is loaded, the user can handpick the time frame of the meeting to review. Users can also show or hide the facts of the added occasion. Once the calendar is published, anybody can set up a meeting by choosing the right time from the front end. Handy integrations allow you to create meetings faster.


Conclusion – Happy Addons

After reviewing all the great widgets of Happy Addons, there is no question why Happy Addons has so many users. It is an add-on that includes all the features and widgets, is affordable, and must be provided by every serious web developer in the toolbox.

You can check out and download Happy Addons here.


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If you are looking for a Page Builder, the Elementor Page Builder is the most feature-rich you can find.

Elementor comes in two versions, a free and a paid pro version.

The free version is more than enough to get you started, and you can build amazing websites using it.

But after a while, you might want to get access to everything the Pro version has to offer to improve your sites even more.

On top of this, there are a massive amount of third party Elementor addons that you can use to extend the Elementor core features even more.

A majority of these addons gives you access to new Elementor widgets, blocks and sections.

Other Elementor addons might add new design options or functionalities to existing widgets.

Here we show you a great collection of popular free, pro and premium addons. You can use these to build beautiful and unique websites that your visitors will love.

No matter if you use the free or pro version of Elementor, these addons gives you more flexibility when you design and build your next website.

Often some addons have great discount coupons available that you can take advantage of.