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JetStyleManager – Optimize, Speed Up, Harmonize

The power of Elementor is something nobody wants to be missing out on. But managing huge sites, portals, or blogs may become a pain. Especially when you wish your elements to look alike with each other and keep pages simple. You could edit each element every time you wish to change color or the border type, but what if there is an easier way around?

Sure enough, there is! Crocoblock provides an intuitive tool, which, although it does not seem to bring any functionality to your website, actually does three different things. JetStyleManager is meant to speed up the process of building for you as a designer, but also speed the loading times up for the visitors of the page.


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The main concern, though, is to speed up the process of designing. Imagine a situation in which each of your buttons has to include a certain border style, stroke color, fill color, click and hover animations, and many other parameters. JetStyleManager allows you to create a single style simply, and later on, apply it by selecting it from a menu.


Each time you change your newly created style, the changes are automatically applied to each of the objects it is applied to. In case you do not want anyone to be able to change the style, later on, there’s an option to lock the design. It is similar in the cases where you wish only some of the parameters to be changed afterward, but wish others were consistent.


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When it comes to the number of style editing options, it is huge. You could change how elements with the different tags act, change the fonts, foreground and background colors or images, border styles, colors, paddings, and margins… It is also possible to save the current objects’ properties as different styles.


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Styles are also multi-page applicable, which means you can interchange them between the pages. Say homepage and blogs should have the same skins, but an error page should have inverted colors. In just a matter of clicks, apply the same style to the blogs and homepage, but change the error page styling option.

Page Performance

The other important part of JetStyleManager is it speeds up the loading times by up to 30%! Yes, you’ve read that right, and it is easy as it could get. By disabling Elementor styling options, you remove them from the source code, which leads to faster page loading times. It is not much customizable, but at least an option exists, and it gets the job done. There’s a single slider, which controls the number of properties applied.


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Pricing & Support

Just like with any other Corocoblock plugin, support is a big plus. From our tests, though, everything is simple enough and works as advertised, so there probably won’t even be a need to contact the support center.

The price of JetStyleManager cannot be declared, as it only comes in a suite of different plugins, ranging from design ones to the optimization plugins. There are also templates included, all of which are starting at a solid price of $49 a year. We do not like all the features there are, but that’s how it is.

Combining all the features you get, as well as the support and its great performance, we think this package is a steal. It may not be perfect for everyone, but there are at least some parts you will find useful.


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You can check out and download JetStyleManager here.


JetStyleManager Plugin for Elementor | Quick overview | Crocoblock


JetStyleManager | Manage Elementor style settings like a Pro

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