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JetWooBuilder – Customize Your Store – Instantly!

E-commerce is popular with people today, and it seems like everyone is trying to run their own online marketplaces. It could be either selling some merger or maybe they just trying to sell some customized cups or phone cases. Yet each of them needs the right tools to get started.

We do not think that everyone should learn to code to create websites. Actually, we are much more likely to recommend a simple web builder solution to newbies, rather than forcing them to code. This doesn’t mean that coders will ever disappear or change their work but the opposite.


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WordPress is one of the tools made to simplify the whole website building process currently powering more than 70% of the web. We think you can’t go wrong with it. It has no drag ‘n’ drop functionality, so you have to extend it using certain plugins. Elementor is and always was our go-to place when building websites, but the base version of it won’t really help you too much.

This is why we have JetWooBuilder – the perfect solution for building WooCommerce powered websites. It doesn’t actually add any features to the environment, but if the time to get things done the right way matters, then the choice should be obvious.


Customization & Templates

JetWooBuilder is unique in a way that offers what is called templates and taxonomies. Take the time to build the product page exactly as you want, and when you are ready, all your products will follow exactly the same rules.

This can be extremely handy when you want consistency, which web designers usually like, just like the visitors. If a new unique item needs to be added to the page so that the color changes or the entire page turns around, don't be afraid. JetWooBuilder offers exceptions, which allow you to introduce new templates and taxonomies in addition to the standard templates.


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JetWooBuilder not only helps you build product pages but can also organize product lists or menus. There are four of the most popular organizational methods: category grid, product grid, product lists, and taxonomy tiles.

Customizing all the organization's widgets is a piece of cake. You are free to change the padding, margins, colors, and overall sizing, but there is much more to it! Crocoblock also provides a way to crop and highlight items in different ways, and these do not have to be photo strictly.


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When it comes to product page widgets, there are a lot of them. All of the item's names start with “single”, which we really like. This means that you will not be limited in any way when you build your pages. A popular decision that other developers make is to include some already built blocks that contain several different objects, which we find very restrictive.

Crocoblock is different in this regard and seems to care about its customers more. Buttons and plain content containers are the most widely used types of widgets. Add to cart, rating, content, sale badge, price, tags, thumbnail, count, title, images, and so on. As you can see, it provides everything you could ever wish for in a store building plugin.


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However, none of these have any special adaptation function. JetWooBuilder setup process is fairly simple and straightforward. This may not be very good, but it is the way it is.


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Pricing & Support

Crocoblock is known for its premium and reliable support. With this in mind, we were pretty sure to buy the product and give it a shot. Fortunately, we did not encounter any problems and did not have any questions about the tool, which means that we had no reason to test customer support.

We can, however, without a doubt, recommend their customer service based on our past experience. There is nothing that will remain unanswered or unresolved. These guys not only help you, but they also put the soul into it!

Pricing is another positive aspect of the product. This thing is about $17 a year and is a steal. Pair it with some other “Jet” plugins, and you'll get a perfect gift for only $50. Of course, provided you're not happy with how everything works, feel free to request your money back within 30 days of purchase, and everything comes back to your bank account.


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JetWooBuilder – Final Thoughts

With WooCommerce dominating the industry, designers and developers alike have to adapt. We think JetWooBuilder might be the right opportunity for you to get on the train.

The features and widgets it provides are not editable, but as a simple alternative, they only do what is advertised by the company. Good prices and support complement all this in a good way, and we can say nothing but good things about the product.


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You can check out and download JetWooBuilder here.


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